Kim Dao: Japanese Lucky Bag Reveal

Kim Dao explains what Japanese lucky bags are here. These are bags that can be purchased every year in Japan on New Years. Kim Dao mentions that she has purchased two lucky bags, and that many times people don’t know what is inside of the lucky bags that they buy. With her first bag, Kim Dao explains that she already knows what one of the items will be because she got to pick it out herself. The rest of the items become revealed when Kim Dao opens the bag. The contents from the first bag includes a navy coat with a fur hood, a white summery dress, a light blue plaid trench coat, and a cozy blanket. The next bag that Kim Dao opens includes a light blue hoodie and a pale pink skirt, among other adorable items. At the end of the video Kim Dao mentions that although there were some items included that she wouldn’t wear, she’d give them to friends. Kim Dao then invites her friend Rachel to the video so that they can swap items from their lucky bags. A couple of the items that they have are the same because Rachel and Kim got their bags from the same place.

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