Norman Pattiz And His New Marketing Study

Norman Pattiz has done quite a lot of work in the radio industry, and he wanted to ensure that the industry could grow through advertising.

There will be many radio stations that use this study to ensure that they are making more money, and there are many people who will begin to enjoy a greater prosperity because they are advertising well. The advertising that is done properly will help advertisers and their radio station partners earn money.

#1: The Ads Must Be Constant

Constant playing of ads is the simplest way for a business to earn recognition, and they will create a number of different potential customers from playing these ads as much as possible.

Someone who wishes to advertise on the radio will reach people who are listening every day, and they will ingrain their customers with jingles and advertising that is second nature to them.

#2: The Study

Norman’s study has been used to ensure that radio stations will do well, and there are many people who are searching for better brand recognition. They are finding that brand recognition is much higher on radio.

Radio ads give the exposure that a company needs, and radio stations may charge a premium on their ads. The premium will be fair because the stations know that they will have more customers coming through the door.

#3: The Design

The design of every ad must be consistent with the industry standards, and companies that submit radio ads will find that staying with common wording and phrasing will help them gain more customers.

The customers who are searching for a place to make a purchase or find a service will remember the advertising they have heard, and they will contact the company based purely on what the ads have said.

#4: What Is Westwood One?

Westwood One is the company that Norman has built from the ground up, and he has become a scion of the industry. He knows that there are a number of people who will learn quite a lot from his study, and there are many people who will study what Westwood One is because it teaches them how to run a radio business.

Crunchbase revealed that the finest radio man in the business in Norman Pattiz, and he believes that his advertising study helps every radio station move forward. He believes that advertising will grow when approached properly by stations around America.

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