Outlook of the Past, Present and Future of Technology and Fashion by Chris Burch

There have been numerous changes and advancements in the technological and fashion industries over the years. Regardless of the many changes, the two industries seem to advance together. Below is a review of the past and present times in the two industries by Christopher Burch. The past and present happenings in the fashion and technology industries offers insight into what may happen in the near future, as discussed below.

Past and Present Times in the Two Industries

The boom box, along with its two cassette decks, is a technology that was fancied by many in the 70s. This technology allowed users to carry around the box and play their favorite stations as well as tunes on the go. The convenience associated with the two-deck technology was hat you could use one deck for recording and the other one for playing music. Throughout the 90s, the Walkman was a favorite among many music lovers. Later on, all these items were phased out by the iPods, which were more portable, convenient and obviously more fashionable.

This gradual transformation of the fashion and technology industries is still taking place today, with fashion designers striving to create practical items. In most cases, this is made possible by the use of modern technology by these professionals. These applications of technology in fashion often lead to enhanced functionality and innovation.

Anticipating for the Future

Some fashion advancements, through technology, are meant to protect human beings. For instance, it may not be fashionable to wear the Airbag for Cyclists accessory, but the technology can protect your head and neck from injuries in the event of an impact. Other designers are interested in recycling materials in a bit to come up with fabulous fashions for the future. For instance, SegraSegra recycled bicycle tire tubes to make T-shirts and jackets. This depicts how the technology and fashion industries have been advancing together and helping each other out over the years.

About Chris Burch

Christopher Burch is the current CEO as well as the founder of the Burch Creative Capital. Over the years, Burch’s entrepreneurial values have been depicted in the investment philosophy of this company. the success of the Burch Creative Capital over the years may be attributed to the entrepreneur’s vision, with regards to new market opportunities as well as his innovative application of creativity, imagination, support and leadership skills in the company.  Have a glimpe of that innovative thinking, head over to burchcreativecapital.com.

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With more than 40 years of experience as an entrepreneur and investor, Burch has had a positive contribution towards the rise of about 50 companies in the industry. The investor couples his clear understanding of client behavior with direct and international sourcing experience to build a reputable track record of linking innovation to impact.  More to read on bjtonline.com.

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