Police Use Securus Tech To Find Needles In Haystacks

As it turns out, criminals that are convicted and sentenced to prison are not that savvy. After all, they are the ones who have been caught and incarcerated. Most of these criminals give away the fact that they have committed crimes whether it’s by fumbling evidence or implicitly confessing during an interview.


When a criminal is sentenced to prison time, they are incarcerated into a facility that is serviced by a particular telephone company. If we are all lucky enough, that particular telephone company is Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies does really good work. They record every single telephone call made by every single inmate in the prisons and that they service. This creates a massive treasure trove of information that law enforcement can use to prevent crimes. This information has proven to prevent crimes going on inside of the prison, including stemming the flow of contraband, and outside of the prison, including the prevention of gang crimes.


Since your average incarcerated conflict is not all that intelligent, they often fess up secrets over the phone. These secrets give law enforcement actionable intelligence to procure search warrants and arrest warrants.


It is not so easy to sift through all of this digital information to find errors made by recorded inmates. But Securus makes it easy with a new technological innovation. They provide police officers with a software program that can find a needle in a haystack. All the police officer needs is a recording of a particular voice and the software will instantly pull up every single phone call involving that vocal signature.


If a police officer knows that a particular convict is not the brightest bold, he can use this technology to listen to every single phone conversation involving that person. That may lead to tons of actionable information that can prevent crime.


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