Prominent Dedication within The Capital Group

Timothy (Tim) D. Armour is the Chairman and the CEO of the Capital Group. He is also the Principal Executive Officer and Manager of Capital Group’s Research and Management Incorporation. Additionally, he is also the Chairman of Capital Group’s Company Management Committee. Armour is a specialist in equity portfolio management with exceeding knowledge in investment and equity.

Armour had gained 33 years of investment experience working within the Capital Group. His career in the Capital Group began in 1983 with his participation in The Associates Program. Before he attained his currently held strong positions within the company, he fulfilled the duties of an Equity Investment Analyst specified in the United States and international telecommunications service sectors. His educational qualification involves his attainment of a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics awarded by the Middlebury College.

The Capital Group is a recognized internationally acclaimed firm that offers private client services. Its services range in wealth and assets management services done explicitly through global researching, planning and analyzing current scenarios for each client before offering valuable consultations and solutions.

Timothy Armour Designated as the Chairman of Capital Group

In July 2015, Tim Armour acquired the position of being the Chairman of Capitol Group. He was awarded the position after the former chairman; James Rothenburg had passed away. Rothenburg had passed away from a sudden heart attack. Rothenburg was 69 years old and on vacation when the illness had struck him. Although he was elected after the passing of his successive position holder, the succession of Rothenburg’s chairman position would be awarded to Armour was long decided mutually by the company. The upper management of the Capital Group had recognized Armour’s dedication in lifting some of the major doubts and confidentiality of the company’s operation by the general public. Armour was able to efficaciously eradicate this misinterpretation formed against the company through more engagements with the media

Alec Lucas, an analyst at Morningstar, expressed that Timothy Armour is not only an appropriate candidate for the Chairman position by his natural talents and the corporate support of the Capital Group previously supervised by James Rothenburg, but for his independent passion and efforts he enforced into the company as well. He stated that the Capital Group was able to revolve critical situations around with Armour’s exemplary performance for the company. Armour was able to cause the growth of the general public’s appeal to the company successfully and positively through comprehensively organized advertisements, research findings obtained from analyzing active management and by also driving more emphasis on product sales.

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