Securus Technologies Executive Remains Upbeat As He Calls For An End To Patent Battle

I have always been impressed by strong leaders in the business world who make it their business to keep their company safe from the harm that can be caused by frivolous litigation and the damage that can be done by untrue allegations; one business leader I recently found myself impressed by is Securus technologies CEO Richard A. Smith who has been seeking ways of ending a patent battle begun by Global Tel Link.


I recently read a press release concerning the role Smith is playing in a patent battle that appears to pit his Securus Technologies against a series of untrue allegations made by the GTL company. The GTL organization has looked to the courts to try to fight a battle over patents regarding certain security features that are present in the video visitation technology created by Securus to provide a safe and secure environment that cuts costs and travel time for families looking to visit the more than 1.2 million inmates Securus provides communications services for, according to the information I read on the Securus Technologies Website.


One aspect of the press release I read that detailed the response from Richard A. Smith to a press release riddled with accusations he states are untrue from GTL; the response of the Securus Technologeis CEO impressed me with the fact it included a little humor as Richard A. Smith called on his counterpart at GTL to take part in a technology challenge to show the differences between the two video visitation technologies to the industry and public at large. I was happy to see Smith was concerned about the financial problems the legal challenges may be causing his rival and repeated his call for a technology challenge GTL have so far remained silent about.


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