Shiraz Boghani, Splendid Hospitality Group

Shiraz Boghani, who is chairman and founding partner of Soujourn Hotels LLP, also currently manages Splendid Hotels group and serves as director as well. Shiraz has extensive knowledge in hospitality based operation, as well as a very strong relationship with many of the largest fund based operations in Europe as far as investors.

After being in the hospitality business for over 30 years, you can say that Shiraz has mastered his craft. Hotelier of the year award recipient and constant innovator, he has launched the outstanding Hilton London Bankside. The Bankside being a £121 million venture, Mr. Boghani still has time for charity as a major supporter of the Aga Khan Foundation.

Shiraz Boghani arrived in the UK from Kenya in 1969, and that is where his ascent through the ranks of hospitality began. He was a founding joint partner of Sussex Health care and today Sussex has over 18 care homes in with more than 500 beds. A true philanthropy first approach has given Mr. Boghani the insight to become more successful in the hospitality field.

Shiraz Boghani was one of the first hoteliers to take branding hotels in London and develop limited service for those said hotels. This simply means that out of limited, select, and full service, these options are for specific demand. While very popular, they continue to thrive under the leadership of Mr. Boghani to this day.

All in all, Shiraz Boghani has been very successful in changing the idea of what it means to run a limited service hotel in London. From his days as a young immigrant from Kenya to today where he accepts awards for his service, Shiraz understands what it means to be the best at providing hospitality services. There is no way to go but up now, as expansion and customer service are number on his list to provide the best product to the consumer.

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