Squaw Valley Visitors Kept Safe From Water Contamination Problems

Liesl Kenney, the Public Relations Director of Squaw Valley Ski Resort, has been providing regular updates on the water quality issue that has affected a small portion of the water supply of the Placer County based destination. Kenney was able to reveal the testing procedures undertaken by the resort made it possible for the year round vacation destination to ensure no visitors were given the chance to drink any contaminated water, and even more importantly no health problems have so far been uncovered that have been traced back to water issues at Squaw Valley.


The issues revolving around the quality of well water at Squaw Valley cannot be blamed in any way on officials at Squaw Valley, but can instead be traced to a historic rain event that has caused many problems across the Californian region of Placer County; reports have stated a number of groundwater well supplies have been contaminated with E.Coli and Coliform after storm water flooded wells in the region close to Squaw Valley’s Upper Mountain. The best possible efforts have been taken to make sure all visitors to Squaw Valley remain safe at all times, which have included the closure of all restaurants in the popular Gold Coast and High Camp locations, and the decision to provide complimentary bottled water for all visitors taking advantage of the Upper Mountain portion of the Squaw Valley slopes that remain open from top to bottom.


The path to keeping the visitors to Squaw Valley Ski Resort safe at all times was one officials at the location took without pausing or questioning their own actions. The first step taken when a routine water test in Upper Mountain revealed E.Coli and Coliform were present in four wells providing water to a small portion of this part of the resort was to turn off the contaminated water supply; following this step Placer County Environmental Health and Squaw Valley District officials were contacted and invited to work on rectifying the problem. For the owners of Squaw Valley the safety of guests always remains paramount and has been seen in the decision to employ independent water quality experts to make sure every possible option is explored to return the water to its high quality levels in the shortest possible time frame.

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