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Nihiwatu was born In 2015 as a five-star resort that was bought and upgraded by two people. Chris Butch and James McBride spent $30 million upgrading and a rough amount of time into this beach side hostel located on the coast of Sumba. There are many different activities offered at Nihiwatau such as surfing, spa treatments, yoga. Prices range from $750 a night to $14,000 during the high season. Nihiwatu is equipped with 27 private villas, and quickly became the largest local employer on the island.  Learn more about this awesome resort, check

Christopher Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital and owner of Nihiwatu. He attended Ithaca college from 1972 until 1976 earning a degree in business. Chris has nearly 40 years invested in a career as an investor and entrepreneur and has actively helped in the rise of more than 50 companies.

The creative Capital brand that Chris is the CEO for mingle with other brands such as cocoon9, Poppin, just to name a few. Chris’s success began in 1976 with his brother he invested $2,000 to start Eagle Eye Apparently this business rose to $165 million dollars and then sold off. In 2012 Chris was submitted a spot in Forbes magazine as the annual The World’s Billionaires.

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Chris was raised in Wayne, Pennsylvania part of the middle-class population in 1982 Chris married Susan Cole they had three kids together which divorce followed some time after. Kids after then in 1996 he married Tory Robinson they too had three children together and they then divorced in 2007.

Chris claimed to being a bad student, always getting in trouble couldn’t pay attention. Then by the time Chris landed in junior high his father had a job set up for him in a construction setting. Chris was on the small side, a scrawny kid and he spent the majority of his work day hauling heavy materials which revolutionised him to create and think of a better way to earn money and succeed. Hop over to for an additional article.

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