The Amazing Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin is a health care provider that specializes in the art of in physical therapy and sports medicine. Alongside working in these fields, he also excels at chiropractic arts. Torchin helps treat people with sports-related injuries, headaches, and injuries from auto accidents.

Brian Torchin also helps patients with neck, shoulder, and back pain. Brian Torchin is known to be very proud of his work. He had studied at the University of Delaware and is originally from Plainview, New York. His goal in both health care and as a business owner is to provide total quality work, which greatly reflects his character.

Brian Torchin currently resides and conducts his practices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has been practicing in the field of healthcare for over 30 years. Torchin is currently a successful CEO and president of a company called Health Care Recuitment Counselors LLC (abbreviated to HCRC). This company recruits medical Doctors-all specialties, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, physical therapists and assistants, dentists, and representatives of office management, billing, and receptionists.

If you were to visit Torchin in his chiropractic office, he would begin by asking you questions such as whether you’ve had previous injuries. For example, a construction worker may have joint pains over time but will not notice immediately. Next, he will ask you about your lifestyle and health. Alot of the time, the pressures from everyday stresses could put a physical strain on your muscle.  Brian has also written about modern medicine through Topix.

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