The App That Will Change Education

ClassDojo, an app that connects parents and teachers, was recently featured in an article on They focused primarily on what the app accomplishes, stating that it “helps them [parents] communicate consistently” with the teachers so they aren’t surprised at the once-a-quarter conferences typical of schools. The author also states that the founders don’t want to make revenue from user’s information due to privacy, instead planning to included the purchase of customizable school supplies or extra lessons as well as payment options for various school activies, all through the easy-to-use app. The founders see the app as becoming not only a tool for connection between students, parents, and teachers but as a social network to create a positive culture when it comes to the classroom.

The mission of ClassDojo is simple: to grow the power of community between teacher, student, and parent so that education can be grown from the ground up. Through the use of photos, videos, and messaging, teachers can inform parents on their child’s progress in the classroom daily. The app allows students to gain access to progressive educational concepts like personalized learning, and as one of the fastest growing educational companies it is already in use in 2/3 of US schools and 180 other countries.

The app wasn’t created overnight. Engineers, designers, and educators from all over came together to design this communication platform. They brought backgrounds in public and charter schools, as well as experience with Facebook, Google, and many well-known companies, launching the app in 2011.

Since the launch, ClassDojo has grown immensely, recently partnering with Stanford’s PERTS to release a five-part animated video series that will be available for free to teachers. This is only the beginning; the plan is to bring their “Big Ideas” series into the classrooms, introducing research for growth mindset. The founders discovered that when teachers had free time they would play educational videos, and the teachers were struggling to include growth mindset in their teaching. The short videos work to promote growth mindset in an educational fashion, creatively solving the two problems many teachers face.

Class Dojo is about creating a positive community and changing the way teachers and parents interact. Parents are more empowered, being able to check in on their child’s classroom progress, and as this app gains popularity in the classroom the face of education and communication is changing into something brand new and exciting.


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