The Kyle Bass Story By The Numbers

Kyle Bass created Hayman Advisers in 2006,which is a hedge fund located in Dallas, Texas. He achieved recognition after his wagers contra the below normal market values,as a result he attained wealth and made international front page news by forecasting the 2008 subprime mortgage catastrophe.

He is compared to M. Night Shayamalan in 2001,surfacing out of oblivion designated for his script and directorial debut in The Sixth Sense.Observers immediately assumed that Kyle Bass was a mastermind who was infallible.
He has made a succession of bad judgment calls and erroneous decisions,just as Shayamalan has done films that ultimately became total flops.

And as the record shows that Kyle Bass has accomplished these tasks openly and vividly in front of the market spectators,and he never declines an opportunity to go on live television to sermonize propounding his so called reasoning that serves his own interests.

The plurality in the realm of hedge funds claim and agree that he is economically ignorant.
Argentinian tyrant Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner,is the worst nightmare that has occurred in her country’s economy and Kyle Bass can not stop applauding her and singing her accolades of praises.
He also agreed and supported her country’s defaulting on its national deficit and he justified it.
To make a profit on his investment in General Motors he attempted to transfer the condemnation of deaths attributed to non deploying airbags and defective power steering in GM vehicles on the passengers who were perhaps inebriated or did not utilize the use of seat belts.

About a year ago he constructed a scheme so despicable and incomprehensible that both houses of Congress are frantically working on a bilateral platform to undue the damage that was caused by Kyle Bass in collusion with Erich Spangenberg who is branded as the “world’s most infamous patent troll “who seeks out pharmaceutical firms and sells their stock,then engages in a contest one or more of their patents through a company called Coalition for Affordable Drugs that he personally constructed for this conniving reason.

The eventual outcome is that stocks decline and Kyle Bass collects a few quick millions and pharmaceutical prices skyrocket while their intention to fund medical research declines which result in apparent disservice to mullions of individuals who rely on these medications to alleviate their agony and ease their symptoms,even extend their lives.

In his perplexed and obscure universe it is all about the Almighty dollar and nothing else matters.

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