The Pittsburgh Steelers leading the way on fan merchandise

The Pittsburgh Steelers are innovating the way fans buy and wear their favorite team clothing and gear. They are introducing a new line of clothing for fans of all ages just in time for the beginning of the football season.

The traditional clothing fans wear is still there, but new and exciting styles of clothing are now available to men and women, and boys and girls who are fans of the Steelers organization in the lead of Susan McGalla. There are new styles of clothing being offered to suit each person.

Names like Victoria’s Secret, Nike Golf, and Tommy Bahama are just some of the names you’ll find bearing the Pittsburgh Steelers logo this fall. Also, you’ll find Pandora jewelry with charms to appeal to the younger female Steeler fans.

The new clothing line is intended not just for the football stadium, but for everyday wherever you go. It’s intended according to Susan McGalla, to bring the Pittsburgh Steeler logo into the lives of the public during the week.

The Steelers are hoping to start a new tradition, called “It’s Not Just Friday, It’s Steelers Friday,” and they want fans from everywhere to wear their colors of black and gold and take photos of themselves before games. They can then enter a contest and if they win, they get a brand new black and gold clothing wardrobe with a Pittsburgh Steelers theme.

Men want to be able to wear Steeler products to work, and women want to be able to wear Steeler gear but look feminine at the same time. This new clothing line from the Steelers provides that.

Susan McGalla is the new director of strategic planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers and has revolutionized the clothing line for the Steelers. Susan McGalla has made the process of purchasing Steeler gear on their new website quick and easy for any fan.

Susan McGalla does know how to market clothing to suit the needs of the fans. She was the president of American Eagle Outfitters and the former CEO of Wet Seal. Her work has excited the Steeler fan base all across the country.


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