The Success Story of Vijay Eswaran and the QI Group

Vijay Eswaran is a prominent tycoon originating from India. At the moment, he is fifty-six years old. He was once employed by the Malaysian Ministry of Labor. Over time, he has passed through a number of challenges.

An explanation to this is the fact that he started entirely from humble beginnings and eventually rose to the top. Particularly, he even happened to give service at a certain Belgium site of construction. This came later after his successful completion and graduation from the London School of Economics.

Additionally, Vijay Eswaran provided service in both London and France. This came after his engagement in jobs often referred to as “blue-collar”. He proceeded to further his education in London and became successful after his specialization alongside the Binary system marketing at the CIMA.

This happened prior to his pursuit of MBA at the Southern Illinois University. He, later on, went back to Malaysia after the attainments.

It was at this juncture that he got himself into the business world which eventually lead to his attainment of adorable treasures. It is through his intention to enhance brands’ marketing that he set up the QI group which then encountered expansion and growth at a quick speed.

As at now, its specialization is in particular trade promotions inclusive of telecommunications and the media. It can be referred to as an e-commerce team whose offices are found in Asia, Singapore as well as Thailand. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

As well, Vijay Eswaran is an author of different books categories targeting several audiences. This is in addition to being a motivational speaker. A significant number of people know him for his prosperous presentation of various speeches at the managerial and the business forums. His generosity is vivid as he has already made a number of donations as both assistance and mentorship.

This is an explanation as to why the name the Vijayaratnam Foundation is after his father. Also, he takes part in the community initiatives both directly and through the charity groups.

His goodwill, as well as an outstanding work, are the reasons for his fame. He is among the wealthiest named Malaysians. Vijay emerges the 25th of the leading fifty. Additionally, the New Global Indian award is the prize he received in the year 2012.

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