Understanding the Koch Brothers

The Koch brothers have been the subject of wild speculation and misunderstanding in recent years for their financial backing of free market and libertarian political causes. The multi billionaire industrialist brothers have been in their fair share of the media spotlight and are often portrayed as devious and manipulative in their support of certain political candidates. In an effort to better understand the true story behind the Koch brothers, Moyers & Company published an article which explains five myths surrounding the Koch brothers and the real truth behind their activities.

One of the common myths about Charles Koch is that they are just operating out on their own to support their pet conservative candidates, whom they hope will do their bidding while in office. This completely ignores the fact that the Koch brothers are supported by an entire network of wealthy conservatives, many of whom are highly regarded business leaders, who all share the common goal of supporting free market economics and the political candidates whom they think are best positioned to do so. Also, the organizations funded in part by the Koch brothers are much more than simply a lobbying group for their own company, Koch Industries. Rather, Charles Koch funds something much bigger — a broader approach to free market policies, which they believe are this country’s hope for prosperity and individual freedom. While this may align with business interests, the Koch brothers’ mission spreads far wider than their own profit margins. One of the other myths that the article takes on is that the Koch brothers are at odds with the Republican party and seek to undermine the party’s efforts. Instead, the Koch brothers see their interests as aligned with the GOP because they seek to harness the GOP to scale back the size of government and keep big government away from the free market and individual freedoms.

Along with his brother, David Koch, Charles Koch inherited Koch Industries from their father. The brothers now run the company and have amassed serious wealth in doing so. They have been widely consulted for their economic insight and business savvy. Charles Koch published two books in 2007 and 2015 detailing the philosophy behind his business success and why he supports free market economics.

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  1. Charles Koch supports a variety of free market educational institutions, including George Mason University’s Institute for Humane Studies and the Mercatus Center. It is a nice way to write my moview review and make sure everything in there has a reason for that.

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