Wes Eden: Brightline Train and Miami

Many residents know that it can be a headache when going from Miami to Fort Lauderdale. Though it can normally take 30 minutes with no traffic, that time quickly doubles when it’s rush hour. If there is an accident, this can make time in traffic an unpleasant experience. Any type of interruptions such as this can have an individual on the road that can go on for hours.

The privately owned and operated rail system, called Brightline train created by Wes Eden is now looking for other ways and solutions for those traveling in between major south Florida cities. Brightline is serviced by All Aboard Florida that started providing service in May of this year to Miami. Brightline normally runs routes between west palm beach and Fort Lauderdale which was the case at the start of the year. Extending services to Magic city is very significant. It will not only decrease traffic, but give commuters and option of green friendly travel.

Brightline runs it’s train several times a day between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Most of the time during the week you can find it departing from Miami at 7:10 a.m. The final departure for the last train is around 11:10 p.m. For those living in Fort Lauderdale, the first train leaves at 6:12 a.m. while the last train departs at 9:42 p.m. It can travel up to 79 miles per hour. Commuters enjoy WI-fi, USB ports and power outlets during their travel. The seats are lined with leather and isles are wide. You can also find lounges and a variety of food services.

Fortress Investment group owns the Brightline train. They are geared up to provide a service for multiple cities across all 50 states. Fortress Investment Group want to also extend the Miami to west palm beach routes all the way to Orlando. Though this route will take some years to come to fruition, Fortress Investment Group say the travel speed is expected to be a 125 miles per hour. Fortress investment group is looking to implement their new services and help ease the stress of daily commuters.

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